The IHSE strictly adheres to the belief “student’s potentiality is our passion”. The faculty under a dynamic and well experienced, principal has high level of job and organizational commitment. The faculty has ability to take responsibility and to work hard in a team. Being student friendly, the teachers have educational initiative and innovativeness with good and efficient teaching skills. We have a tradition to invite renowned professors as guest faculty at regular intervals.

The faculty members encourage peer tutoring in which the students are guided to present a prepared lecture in the class, under the supervision of the concerned teachers. This helps to develop their skill of communication and increases their self-confidence. We are emphasizing on by conducting remedial classes for the students by dividing them in small groups. Separate doubt clearing classes are also taken for the weak students after the college hours and in the hostels also. The Institute has employed highly experienced and professionally well qualified dynamic young faculty members with a background of good education and training who possess good management skills. The interactive method of learning has been introduced to students who are tested for the comprehensive skills at the end of the session.
Meritorious, Highly Qualified Faculties for class room as well as entrance oriented teaching
Faculty for Yoga and Pranayam
Faculty for Physical Education
Faculty for Spoken English, Personality Development
Regular career counseling by eminent personalities for different professional courses
Faculties of the institutions:
Sl. No. Designation Name of the Teachers Detailed qualification with % of marks Matric/Intermediate/Bachelor Degree/ Master Degree/M.Phil. of Ph.D. Date of joining Experience Permanent/ Temp Photo
1 Director-cum-Principal Prof. R. N. Panda M. Sc.(Chem)
M. Phil.
7.01.09 44 yrs Prof. R. N. Panda-DEAN
2 Lect. in English Ashabari Mohanty B.A.(Eng.)                     
M. A. (Eng.)
01.08.06 14 yrs Yes Ashabari Mohanty
3 Lect. in Physics Manisha Padhi B.Sc.(Phy.)                         
M. Sc. (Phy.)               
Ph.D (cont…)
04.08.06 11 yrs Yes Manisha Padhi
4 Lect. In Mathematics Rojali Mohapatra B. Sc.(Math.)                
M. Sc. (Math.)             
Ph. D. (cont..)
01.08.06 13 yrs Yes Rojali Mohapatra
5 Lect. In Physics Dilip Sahoo B. Sc.(Phy.)                 
M. Sc. (Phy.)
01.12.07 17 yrs Yes Dilip Sahoo
6 Lect. In Mathematics Manoranjan Behera B.A. (Math.)                 
MA (Math.)                        
10.12.07 17 yrs Yes Manoranjan Behera
7 Lect. In Computer Science Goutam Das B.Sc.(Math.)
14.07.08 13 yrs Yes Goutam Das
8 Lect. in Chemistry Manoranjan Patra B. Sc.(Chem.)                 
M. Sc. (Chem.)
01.08.08 09 yrs Yes Manoranjan Patra
9 Lect. in Physics Umesh Chandra Sahoo B. Sc.(Phy)
M.Sc (Phy)-                                 
P.G. Dip (Remote Sensing & G.I.S.)
30.06.10 13 yrs Yes Umesh Chandra Sahoo
10 Lect. In Mathematics Santosh Kumar Dalabehera B. Sc.(Math.)                
M. Sc. (Math.)
29.09.2011 15 yrs Yes
Santosh Kumar Dalabehera
11 Lect. in Zoology Kamala Kanta Padhiary B. Sc.(Zoo.)                      
M. Sc. (Zoo.)                  
30.09.11 09 yrs Yes Kamala Kanta Padhiary
12 Lect. in Zoology Sanghamitra Panigrahi B. Sc.(Zoo.)                                   
M. Sc. (Zoo.)             
Ph. D. (cont..)
15.10.2010 7 yrs Yes Sanghamitra Panigrahi
13 Lect. in  Botany Dillip Kumar Mohapatra B.Sc.(Bot.)                                 
M. Sc. (Bot.)               
22.11.10 16 yrs Yes Dillip Kumar Mohapatra
14 Lect. in  Botany Dr.Amruta Mohanty B. Sc.(Bot.)                                        
M. Sc. (Bot.)             
01.11.11 11 yrs Yes Dr.Amruta Mohanty
15 Lect. In Mathematics Dillip Kumar Bhukta B. Sc.(Math.)                 
M. Sc. (Math.)
29.09.11 14 yrs Yes Dillip Kumar Bhukta
16 Lect. In Mathematics Prasanta Kumar Sahoo B. Sc.(Math.)                            
M. Sc. (Math.)             
01.09.10 16 yrs Yes Prasanta Kumar Sahoo
17 Lect. in English Santilata Samantaray B. A.(Eng.)                            
M. A. (Eng.)                       
1.10.11 14 yrs Yes Santilata Samantaray
18 Lect. in Hindi Manasi Barik M.A.(Hindi) 06.08.2013 8 yrs Yes  
19 Lect. in Sanskrit Mrs. Smruti Rekha Nayak B.A. (Sans.)

05.08.2010 10 yrs Yes Smruti Rekha Nayak
20 Lect. in Zoology Dr. Bandana Khuntia B.Sc. (Zoology)

M.Sc. (Zoology)

M.Phil (Zoology)


24.09.12 22 Yrs Yes Dr. Bandana Khuntia
21 Lect. in Chemistry Ms. Subhadarshini Das B.Sc. (Chem)

M.Sc. (Organic Chem)
25.09.12 5 Yr Yes Subhadarshini Das
22 Lect. in Chemistry Mr. Manas Ranjan Pradhan B.Sc. (Chem.)

M.Sc. (Chem)
24.09.12 5 yr Yes Manas Ranjan Pradhan
23 Lect. in Physics Ms. Subhashree Mohanty B.Sc. (Phy.)
M.Sc. (Phy)                       
M.Phil. (Phy)
27.09.12 7 Yrs Yes Subhashree Mohanty
24 Lect. in Chemistry Ms. Harapriya Panda B.Sc. (Chem.)
M.Sc. (Organic chem)
M.Phil. (Organic Chem)
Ph.D. Cntd.
01.10.12 9 Yrs Yes Harapriya Panda
25 Lect. in Chemistry Mr. Pabitra Pradhan B.Sc. (Chem.)
M.Sc. (Chem)
12.8.2014 9 Yrs   Pabitra Pradhan
26 Lect. in Chemistry Ms. Snigdha Mohapatra B.Sc. (Chem.)
M.Sc. (Organic Chem)
M.Phil. (Organic Synthesis)
14.8.2014 6 Yrs Yes Snigdha Mohapatra
27 Lect. In Mathematics Mr. Deepak Kumar Mohapatra B. Sc.(Math)
M. Sc. (Math)
22.8.2014 8 yrs Yes Deepak Kumar Mohapatra
28 Lect. In Mathematics Mr. Sanjaya Kumar Patra B. Sc.(Math)
M. Sc. (Math)
13.8.2014 8 Year Yes Sanjaya Kumar Patra
29 Lect. In Mathematics Mrs. Smruti Lipsa Pradan B. Sc.(Math)
M. Sc. (Math)
M. Phil.(Math)
14.12.2015 3 Yrs Yes Smruti Lipsa Pradan
30 Lect. in English Mr. Satyabrat Sarangi B. A.(Eng),
M. Phil.(English)
Ph. D. (cont..)
21/8/2014 12 yrs Yes Satyabrat Sarangi
31 Lect. in Physics Mr. Abhishek Kumar B.Sc(Phy Hons)
M. Sc.(Phy)
M. Phil(Phy)
12/8/2014 7 Yrs Yes Abhishek Kumar
32 Lect. in Physics Ms. Madhusmita Priyadarsini B.Sc(Phy Hons)
M. Sc.(Phy)
M. Phil(Phy)
Ph. D. (Pursuing)
12/9/2014 7 Yrs Yes Madhusmita Priyadarsini